>>Top Reasons to Attend Prowers Medical Center’s Upcoming Health Fair

Top Reasons to Attend Prowers Medical Center’s Upcoming Health Fair

Prowers Medical Center is holding its annual community health fair in early May. Here are two big reasons why you should mark your calendar and plan to attend!

Get your annual blood lab panel drawn

Did you know that many chronic illnesses have been discovered through health fair labs? Ask any healthcare provider if they know a patient who skirted a serious health issue because they attended a health fair and you’ll likely hear yes.

“We often catch prediabetes through health fair labs. If we catch it early enough, we can help patients control their sugars through diet and exercise and possibly avoid diabetes down the road,” said Dr. Hilton C. Ray, Family Medicine Physician with the Prowers Medical Center Clinic.

Besides diabetes, blood panel results help medical providers catch high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart conditions, liver conditions, thyroid problems, renal disease, metabolic disorders, gout, anemia, and much more. When caught early, these diseases can be curtailed or slowed down. Lab results provide a great snapshot of your current health and give a good baseline for annual comparisons. $25 provides a full panel of over 16 tests. Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) tests are $10 extra.

“The cost of health fair labs is phenomenally affordable,” Ray said.

Keep your health on track

Annual health fairs are a great time to reboot your plan for good health. Are you thinking about starting or redesigning an exercise program? Find helpful information at the health fair. Healthcare professionals will be on hand to answer questions you may have about healthy living. Let the spirit of the event inspire you to make a healthy change. There will be booths by community partners offering special attractions, and several free health screenings. The hospital coordinates with a variety of community and healthcare partners to better educate and inform individuals about the accessibility to the many health-related resources available throughout our community.

It’s a community tradition that you don’t want to miss. Last year, a total of 719 people attended the 3-day event and received low-cost lab panels.

Once again, Valley National Bank has joined forces with Prowers Medical Center as a co-sponsor of the annual event and it has proven to be a valued community partnership. To receive blood draw results in the mail, please bring a self-addressed stamped envelope with you to the fair.

Join us for our 39th annual Health Fair event on Tuesday, May 9th through Thursday, May 11th. The event will run between 7:00 am and 11:00 am, all three days. For more information call 719.336.5147 or email karen.bryant@prowersmedical.com.


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