>>To Our Community: Thank You for Choosing Prowers Medical Center

To Our Community: Thank You for Choosing Prowers Medical Center

Dear Prowers County Community Members,

We wanted to take a different approach for this week’s Spotlight article, now that the holidays are behind us and a new year is only a few days away. This article is the last article of 2019, which is why we thought now is the perfect time for us to express our gratitude and appreciation for you, our family, friends and neighbors, and how your support has allowed us to do what we do best.

In 2019, we continued our efforts to serve as an informative resource for our community about the variety of services offered at Prowers Medical Center. We shifted our attention to our team members and the specific types of health care they provide at our hospital and clinics. They are the driving force behind our excellent medical care, and we are so grateful for their ongoing commitment to excellence.

We routinely state and strongly emphasize that Prowers Medical Center would not and could not exist without the support of our community. Similarly, the community is enhanced and continues to thrive with the presence of the hospital. Simply stated, the community and hospital are, and must be, united as one. With that in mind, the entire health care team at Prowers Medical Center would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to everyone within the Prowers County service area.

Some key personnel changes that occurred this year included:

  • The partnership with Rural Partners in Medicine to bring on Bryan Bomberg, part-time Orthopedic Surgeon (February 2019), and our hiring of Daniel Klepacz, Orthopedic Physician Assistant (July 2019), ultimately allowing us to offer a one-stop shop for orthopedic needs closer to home.
  • Hiring a variety of vacated management level staff to help us with our efforts to focus on enhancing and streamlining workflows.
  • Additional staffing support from many locum tenen/agency professionals at the Provider and clinical/ancillary levels.

You might be wondering why we’re referencing staff in a thank you letter to our community; don’t worry, we have a good reason, and it’s quite simple. Without the support of the community and the increased utilization of the hospital in 2019, these additions and changes to our staff wouldn’t have been possible. We would like to highlight how truly grateful and appreciative we are for everyone who chooses to receive their health care at Prowers Medical Center and its affiliated clinic, Prowers Medical Center Clinic. We recognize you have a choice on where to go for your medical needs, and we’re glad it’s at your local community health care facility.

We are grateful for many individuals and organizations in our community, especially for our County Commissioners, the City Council, the Mayor, the Chamber of Commerce, Lamar Community College, our area school districts, other health care entities and all other business and civic systems that have consistently welcomed us into their meetings, activities and events. Thank you for your partnership and the opportunities to work together toward one common goal: the improvement of our Prowers County community.

Like any profession, learning from the consumer can provide great insight on how to provide better service. Formed in 2017, the integration of our Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) within the hospital setting has been an excellent approach and resource for us to learn from patients and increase the quality of care delivered in our hospital. The PFAC Council has been instrumental in the development and introduction of programs focused on providing additional comfort with a personal touch to patients and family members who are guests at our facility.

Finally, we want to recognize the extraordinary support of our hospital Auxiliary and hospital Foundation. Because of their support year after year, we are able to purchase valuable and essential equipment to further enhance the services being provided to our community through Prowers Medical Center facilities. Again, thank you for your behind-the-scenes work and contributions; it never goes unnoticed.

We continually seek opportunities to grow and strengthen our ability to meet the health care needs of our surrounding communities. Whether it be the introduction of a new and enhanced service line or ongoing upgrades to our equipment, our focus is on our community and the people we serve. Please share with us your ideas on how we can improve health and medical services in our rural community.

Our final message for you as we head into the year of 2020: Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement this past year. We look forward to the new year and our collaborative efforts as we continue to build a thriving, successful and vibrant Prowers County community.

Best wishes to you and your family from all of us at Prowers Medical Center.

Karen L. Bryant, Interim Chief Executive Officer


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