>>Thank You for Your Support

Thank You for Your Support

Dear Prowers County Community Members,

This week’s Spotlight article is a little different format. Over the past year we’ve used this column to inform the community of the services and staff at Prowers Medical Center. We’ve often emphasized that we could not and will not exist without your support. Similarly, the community is enhanced by and continues to thrive because of the presence of the hospital. Simply stated, the community and the hospital are, and must be, one.

With that partnership in mind, the entire healthcare team at Prowers Medical Center would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone in the Prowers County service area.

First, we’d like to thank you for welcoming more medical expertise to our community. Your support of the clinic as well as increased hospital use in 2018 made possible the addition of the following staff: Christine Bogardus, general surgeon (May 2018); Shelby Casper, family nurse practitioner (Oct. 2018); and many locum tenens/agency professionals who provided staffing support at the provider and clinical/ancillary levels. We are truly grateful to everyone who chooses — because you do have a choice for health care — to receive care at Prowers Medical Center and its affiliated clinics, Prowers Medical Center Clinic (primary care) and Prowers Medical Center’s Specialty Clinic (providing a broad array of specialists).

Because so many of you and your neighbors chose local care in 2018, we were also able to participate in various training and clinical-hours rotation programs for Lamar Community College nursing students, Red Rocks Physician Assistant students, University of Colorado Medical students and Rocky Vista Medical students, to name a few. Also during 2018, two local medical students accepted educational support from the hospital and committed, upon completion of their training, to practice medicine at Prowers Medical Center.

Hosting young medical talent here further enhances our community and the opportunities we all have as community members. Your loyal support also enabled us to continue providing care for everyone in our community, including those who are unable to financially obtain these services. While we note this as approximately $2.7 million in charity care on our financial statements, it’s truly a contribution from the entire community, made possible by all those who choose Prowers Medical Center. So again, on behalf of not only Prowers Medical Center but also those who would not otherwise be able to receive care, a strong thank you from each of us.

We are grateful, too, to the county commissioners, the city council, the mayor, the chamber of commerce, the healthcare entities, Lamar Community College, our area school districts and all of the many other business and civic organizations who have welcomed us into their meetings, activities and events. Thank you for your partnership and willingness to work together for the improvement of our Prowers County community as a whole.

Finally, we would be remiss if we did not recognize the Hospital Auxiliary and Hospital Foundation. Thanks to them, we are able to purchase valuable and essential equipment to further enhance the services being provided right here. Again, thank you for your behind-the-scenes support; it has not gone unnoticed.

May we all continue to work together in 2019 and well into the future as we build a thriving Prowers County community.

Craig R. Loveless, Chief Executive Officer


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