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Surgical Services

Bringing together knowledge, compassion and healing

Prowers Medical Center operating room with a television to allow for telemedicine consultations

Our skilled surgical team is here to take care of you and your family in our advanced surgical suite that offers new operating rooms progressively designed to accommodate leading-edge surgical and visualization equipment and create premier working conditions for our team and our patients.

Private pre-op and post-op areas along with private consult areas enhance the surgical experience. An inviting and well-appointed rehabilitation gym and skilled team of therapists are on-the-ready to advance patient healing after surgery.

General Surgeries


General surgeons are board-certified to perform several surgeries, along with trauma surgeries. Visit our General Surgery page to learn more. Examples include:

  • Laparoscopy for diagnostics and treatment

  • Gallbladder repair

  • Hernia repair

  • Breast surgery

  • Colonoscopy and endoscopy procedures

  • Hemorrhoid surgery/stapling

  • Thyroid gland surgery

  • Bowel surgery/hemicolectomy

  • Appendectomy

  • Infusaport placement

  • Wound debridement

  • Colostomy closure

  • Node biopsy

Specialty Surgeries


Visiting specialists perform surgeries for a variety of needs. Currently, we offer surgeries in the following areas and we are always adding procedures as opportunities arise.


  • ENT – tonsillectomy, ear tube placements

  • OBGYN – hysterectomy, tubal ligations, ovarian cystectomy, C-sections, Cervical biopsy, hysteroscopy, removal of uterine polyps, uterine ablation, salpingectomy

  • Ophthalmology – cataract surgery

  • Orthopedic – knee arthroscopy, carpal tunnel release, trigger finger release, ganglion cystectomy

  • Podiatry – bunionectomy, hammertoe and other

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