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General Surgery

Board-certified physicians providing top-notch care

Prowers Medical Center operating room with a television to allow for telemedicine consultations

Prowers Medical Center Surgical Services include general surgical, laparoscopic or procedural interventions. General surgeons increasingly provide care through the use of minimally-invasive and endoscopic techniques. Their expertise is in the diagnosis and care of patients with diseases and disorders affecting the abdomen, digestive tract, endocrine system, breast, skin and blood vessels. Both inpatient and outpatient surgical services are provided at Prowers Medical Center.

Our surgical team works out of an advanced surgery center offering experience and expertise to patients in our area so they can receive high quality surgical care close to home. Prowers Medical Center has recently renovated, state-of-the-art operating rooms that rival those of urban communities.

Our general surgeons are both board-certified, having completed advanced training to earn the title Fellow of the American College of Surgeons or FACS. The program goes above and beyond what it takes to become a general surgeon. Surgeons are board reviewed to ensure their sound education, training, qualifications, competence and ethics. Not all surgeons choose to accept this challenge beyond medical school and training.

Dr. Jessica Swanson chose to focus on laparoscopic surgery for her FACS advanced training. She completed an additional year of training and earned a qualification in laparoscopic surgery, allowing her to bring a higher level of expertise to her patients. Laparoscopy is a minimally-invasive type of surgery that often provides better patient outcomes with decreased pain, lower riskfewer complications, and decreased healing time.

Dr. James Smith has extensive experience in trauma surgery, something he practiced frequently as a military surgeon, and puts to use as a national trauma trainer, and at Prowers Medical Center. He also shares his talents with residents of Haiti during his annual church trips with his wife, Carrie, and a medical team of 25 including providers from the hospital.

General surgeons are trained to perform common surgeries to resolve conditions such as cancer, hernias, appendicitis, gall bladder, colonoscopies, foot problems and more. As they frequently perform such surgeries, they are often more equipped to handle such common surgeries than specialty surgeons.

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Dr. Jessica Swanson, General Surgeon for Prowers Medical Center

“The new OR is state-of-the-art and equivalent to any that I experience in Denver. It allows us to provide exceptional care and better outcomes for our patients.”
Dr. Jessica Swanson

Dr. James Smith, General Surgeon for Prowers Medical Center

“We perform thousands of colonoscopies, just like gastroenterologists. Interestingly, a recent article showed that getting common, less complex surgeries, like gall bladder and hernia surgeries, from smaller hospitals was safer than getting them from larger hospitals. That’s because small hospitals perform so many of them.” 
Dr. James Smith