>>Prowers Medical Center’s Specialty Clinic Provides Care for Hearing Loss

Prowers Medical Center’s Specialty Clinic Provides Care for Hearing Loss

Do you ever find it hard to hear in loud settings or when there are a few different conversations going on at the table? Do you find yourself saying, “What?” in response to others several times during the day? If so, you might be experiencing hearing loss.

Nearly 20% of Americans have some degree of hearing loss, and hearing loss increases as people age. In fact, one in three adults age 65 or older have hearing loss. Surprisingly, nearly 15% of children ages 6 to 19 also have some degree of hearing loss.

Hearing loss can be congenital, meaning you are born with it, or it can set in slowly over time, or suddenly. Noise is one of the main culprits in hearing loss. Exposure to loud noises over time, in the workplace, while doing everyday chores like mowing the lawn, or from listening to loud music or attending loud concerts, can result in hearing loss. Also, loud, sudden noises can cause immediate damage.

Simple aging also causes hearing loss. Age-related hearing loss is called presbycusis, and indicates changes in the inner ear as you age. Hearing loss can also be caused when an ear is injured, or infection occurs.

Prowers Medical Center is pleased to provide an audiologist to the community—a specialty doctor who is trained in evaluating and treating hearing loss and related problems, including tinnitus and balance. Dr. Renee Hadad Cichon, an audiologist with HearAid in Pueblo, CO, comes to the Prowers Medical Center Specialty Clinic the first and third Wednesday of each month.

Dr. Cichon brings the best possible hearing care to this area. Her specialties include diagnosing hearing loss and fitting patients with the best hearing devices within their budget. She sees patients from age five and up at the Specialty Clinic, and can see younger children in her Pueblo clinic. She was born and raised in Trinidad, CO, and has served Southern Colorado for 17 years in private practice. Her patients appreciate the individual care she gives while working to find hearing solutions that best fit individual needs. Please call 719-544-3828 to schedule an appointment in both the Lamar and Pueblo locations.


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