>>Prowers Medical Center Brings Specialists to You

Prowers Medical Center Brings Specialists to You

Your primary care provider can handle many health issues, but when something becomes more complicated you may need to see a specialist. Yet the thought of traveling out of town—especially if you are uncomfortable—can be daunting. That’s why Prowers Medical Center brings doctors to you through the Specialty Clinic.

Specialists are experts in certain parts of the body and have advanced skills for treating specific ailments. Specialists have received extensive training and are certified by an examining board in their area of specialty.

The Prowers Medical Center Specialty Clinic offers a variety of specialists who come at varying times during the month. Most come at least once a month, many twice a month—and often on set days (see listing below). For example, the hospital has two visiting cardiologists who are available three out of four weeks each month. Most specialists come from Pueblo, Colorado Springs or Denver, and some come from the Front Range.

“It’s very important for us to offer specialty care to the community. Our patients can access advanced care without having to spend a day or two traveling. It saves them both time and money,” says Dawn Watts, Clinic Manager for Prowers Medical Center’s Clinic.

Dawn knows this first hand, as her mother had knee surgery in 2016 with Dr. Porter, the visiting orthopedist. While she had to travel to Pueblo for the surgery itself, all of her prep and follow-up care was done right here at home.

“Our visiting specialists know the quality of our hospital and have confidence in us to provide excellent pre- and post-care. My mom got all her physical therapy right here in Lamar,” Watts said.

Visiting specialists allow the hospital to offer advanced services, including certain surgeries, chemotherapy, cardiac stress tests and EKGs, radiology tests, swing beds for after major surgeries such as hip replacements, and more.

“Several of our specialists perform small surgeries in our operating rooms. For example, our orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Meinig and Dr. Porter, complete scopes; our ophthalmologists, Dr. Clifford and Dr. Roberts perform cataract surgery; our podiatrist, Dr. Yakel, performs a variety of foot surgeries; and our ENT, Dr. Salazar, performs multiple surgeries here at Prowers Medical Center for patients of all ages including adenoid and tonsil removal as well as ear tube placement surgery,” Watts said.

Dr. Roberts, an ophthalmologist, and Dr. Shapiro, a pulmonologist, began seeing patients in 2016. Other new providers include two additional cardiologists, Dr. Verma and Dr. Vashistha visiting a few times a month from Pueblo Cardiology Associates.

“Our patients are so excited that we have the Specialty Clinic here. Some days it’s like social hour as people stop by to talk with friends getting infusions or coming for appointments. It’s such a community,” says Trese Edwards, Specialty Clinic receptionist.

The Specialty Clinic has been at Prowers Medical Center for at least two decades and currently has 20 visiting doctors. The clinic is open 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

“Give us a call if you are having issues seeing your out-of-town specialist and we’ll see how we can help you. We are always working to bring more specialists to town,” Watts said.

The monthly calendar runs in the Lamar Ledger and Prowers Journal each week, and is also published on the hospital’s website at www.prowersmedical.com. Here is the general calendar, but please check as it can change.

Speciality Clinic General Calendar

Specialty | Doctor | When they come | Number for appointments
Audiology, HearAid, 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, 719-544-3828
Breast Specialty Care, Dr. DeWing, 2nd Monday, 719-477-0211
Cardiology, Dr. Gibson, 1st and 3rd Thursdays, 719-564-1544
Cardiology, Dr. Gustafson, every Monday, 719-635-7172
Cardiology, Dr. Vashistha, 2nd and 4th Thursdays, 719-564-1544
Cardiology, Dr. Verma, 4th Wednesday, 719-564-1544
Ear, Nose & Throat, Dr. Salazar, second Friday, 719-566-1277
General Surgery, Dr. Smith, full time, 719-336-6790
General Surgery, Dr. Swanson, varies, 719-336-6790
Hearing Aids, DigiCare, every Tuesday, 719-676-3277
Oncology, Dr. Hoyer/Lisa Adams, every other Wednesday, 719-365-6568
Ophthalmology, Dr. Clifford, 4th Friday, 1-800-526-3937
Ophthalmology, Dr. Roberts, 4th Thursday, 719-258-1240
Orthopedics, Dr. Meinig, 1st Wednesday, 4th Friday, 1-800-407-0118
Orthopedics, Dr. Porter, 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 719-595-7780
Pulmonology, Dr. Shapiro, varies, once a month, 719-564-1542
Podiatry, Dr. Yakel, 1st and 3rd Mondays and Tuesdays, 719-336-6790
Prosthetics, Hanger Clinic, every Wednesday, 719-542-8522
Urology, Dr. Bickel, 3rd Friday, 1-877-545-9713
Vascular Surgery, Dr. Hurlbert, 4th Wednesday, 719-364-8346


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