>>The People’s Choice for Rehabilitation: Prowers Medical Center

The People’s Choice for Rehabilitation: Prowers Medical Center


Once again, the community has spoken. When it comes to rehabilitation, the community’s vote is Prowers Medical Center. For the seventh year in a row, people have selected the hospital’s rehabilitation department as the winner of the Lamar Ledger’s People’s Choice Awards. The department sees it as a reflection of their dedication to provide quality care to every patient that walks through their doors. They are highly honored by the recognition.

“To be recognized for something you enjoy doing, and work hard at, is very much appreciated. The fact that people are noticing is a really big honor,” said Jared Smith, PTA.

“It’s a reflection of how well our team works together and the commitment we have to provide quality services,” said Travis Hall, DPT.

If you’ve been to Prowers Medical Center for rehabilitation services, you likely had a positive experience. That’s because the staff themselves approach each day with a positive, can do attitude.

“It’s a positive atmosphere, all of the time. We really enjoy each other and what we are doing and I think it shows to our patients,” said Anne Barrow, PTA.

When people like each other and support each other, they work well together—and a constructive culture is created. At Prowers Medical Center Rehab, that’s alive and well. The focus is collaborating to provide the best care possible to patients.

“It’s not a me culture, it’s a we culture. People know we will do whatever it takes to provide them with the highest quality of care possible. We collaborate as a team to discuss the different ways we can help each patient,” said Jessica Hall, MS CCC-SLP.

The rehabilitation team feels like one big family. For a group of 15 people to be so close is a testament to who they are as individuals, and as professionals. It also means a lot of choices for patients.

“The large size of our team affords patients with a lot of choices and options. Maybe they want a male rather than a female, or someone younger rather than older. Maybe they like a certain personality or approach to care. Or, they need someone who can speak their primary language. With such a large team, we can meet those needs,” said Tasha Spencer, PTA.

The Prowers Medical Center rehabilitation team is committed to staying on the leading edge of therapy treatment options. Just this year, various therapists received training in new techniques, including CoreFirst Strategies, TMR manipulation, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, Blood Flow Restriction therapy, and more. The department also prides themselves in offering services not always found in rural areas, including wound care and lymphedema treatment.

“We enjoy receiving continuing education and coming back and teaching each other new techniques. It really strengthens the team as a whole,” said Jeannie Cooper, OTR/L.

In fact, Prowers Medical Center Rehabilitation is looking forward to a new venture in 2018. They will be a host site for continuing education for the first time. The Institute of Physical Art from Steamboat Springs, CO will be offering a course onsite over a long weekend. Physical and Occupational therapists and assistants may enroll on The Institute of Physical Art web site.

“We really care about providing the most recent evidence-based techniques to our patients. We want to have all the tools to help people improve,” said Nick Durst, DPT.

The team very much enjoys watching patients get better. When patients achieve their goals and improve, everybody wins. It’s especially rewarding when they provide the full circle of care—seeing a patient in the hospital, then in home health, and then as an outpatient who is regaining abilities and getting back to activities they enjoy.

“At first, we are often the bearer of unpleasant news and we have to push people to achieve their goals. Even though it’s hard, in the end they come to appreciate it and even respect our efforts. It’s awesome to see their progress over time,” said Darren Robbins, DPT.

The Prowers Medical Center Rehabilitation department thanks the community for their vote of confidence. To learn more, visit www.prowersmedical.com for services offered and to read biographies of our staff. Or, call (719) 336-6728 and talk with one of the three department receptionists, Meranda, Laura or Ramona.

“Our Rehab Receptionist staff is awesome, without them we couldn’t help as many people as we do,” Jessica Hall concluded.



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