>>People’s Choice Rehabilitation Provider of the Year: Prowers Medical Center

People’s Choice Rehabilitation Provider of the Year: Prowers Medical Center

This year, the Lamar Ledger’s People’s Choice ballot asked the community to weigh in on their favorite providers, spanning a variety of service roles. Prowers Medical Center is pleased to celebrate their rehabilitation team for winning the 2016 award.

The award was a welcome assurance for the rehabilitation department. For the past several years the department and its employees have been the lucky recipient of the People’s Choice Award. Longtime Lamar resident and Prowers Medial Center Rehabilitation Manager, Lori Denman commented that, “Every year is just as special as the last and winning is never taken for granted.” Denman attributes the department’s success to its employees. Darren Robbins, a Prowers Medical Center Physical Therapist for the past 11.5 years added that the award, “Is a reflection of our entire department.”

With a collective end goal to reach each individual’s maximum potential, it should come as no surprise that the rehabilitation team includes some of the best. Denman emphasized, “My employees are incredibly dedicated to helping the people they treat.” Robbins added that the award, “Is a direct reflection of the amazing work of the whole team and especially the physical therapy assistants.”

That dedication does not reside in the workplace alone. Many rehab employees go above and beyond in their personal lives as well. They serve the community as coaches and volunteers. “My employees are not complainers and they look forward to coming to work every day. They really make my job easy,” Denman says.
Because service to the community is of upmost importance to the Prowers Medical Center’s rehab department, everyone was ecstatic to find out that they had won this year’s People’s Choice Award. Employees consider the award a good indicator that they are positively serving the community. Robbins explained that, “It is important to receive the community’s support. It confirms that we provide good service and have earned the community’s trust.” Denman also credits hospital leaders for giving her and her team the freedom to take care of each patient in the most effective manner. “Patients come first at Prowers Medical Center. Lamar is my home and so many people in this community over the years have shaped who I am. Working at Prowers gives me the ability to repay those people,” Denman adds.

Remaining consistent to the pursuit in reaching each patient’s maximum potential, Prowers Medical Center recently invested in a new rehab gymnasium. The new gym, which officially opened its doors at the end of June, 2016 serves roughly 12,000 patients each year. This spacious gym, 2,500 square feet in total, is used to treat a wide spectrum of ailments including orthopedic injuries, joint replacements, arthritis pain management, and general reconditioning after illness and traumatic brain injuries. The department offers acute care, swing bed, home health, and outpatient services offering physical, occupational and speech-language services.

Denman would like to remind people to react quickly when they notice any health changes. She stressed that it is important for individuals to seek help or guidance swiftly to avoid any further complications. “Early intervention is best. Talk to your doctor to see if therapy would be beneficial. The sooner you get treatment the sooner you can change the pathway that you are currently on and heal.” Prowers Medical Center’s rehab department has the right facility and the right people to get you moving in a positive direction.

Denman and her department are proud to serve their patients. With help from Prowers Medical Center and the new rehab gym, they can give back to the people of the community and have the freedom to assist patients effectively. The department is humbled by the community’s support. “We are grateful for the support from the community. We understand that patients can go elsewhere for treatment but they choose to come to us,” Denman concludes.


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