>>>People’s Choice Award Recipient for 2016: Prowers Medical Center Home Health

People’s Choice Award Recipient for 2016: Prowers Medical Center Home Health

After surgery or later in life, patients sometimes need a little extra help – and not all families or individuals can accommodate the need of care. Fortunately for Lamar, the Prowers Medical Center has a Home Health team whose top priority is their community and its members. In the recent People’s Choice Awards, the Home Health team came away with the 2016 Home Health Business award for making a difference right here in Lamar.

Micaela Aguilera, the manager of the Home Health department, is grateful that the community thinks so highly of her team. Micaela has been involved in Home Health at Prowers for 15 years, and what she enjoys most about Home Health is the unique services it provides. Home Health providers are able to be there for patients that don’t have somebody to care for them, or who need more care than their families can provide. By taking care of people right in their home, Home Health provides convenient care to community members that need a little extra help.

This unique role requires a good deal of teamwork and Micaela is adamant that the award belongs to the entire Home Health team – not just one person. Their team effort allows them to serve patients in a variety of ways. Home Health providers act as liaisons between patients and their doctors. After getting orders from a doctor, Home Health coordinates the people, supplies, equipment, and medicine essential to home recovery or preserving independence in the twilight years. “The reason our department runs well is because we have a great staff – staff that is committed, staff that is the epitome of our core values,” Micaela says.

Their strong commitment to people in our area drives the Home Health team, and comes from a belief in the core values of Prowers Medical Center (Honesty, Commitment, Compassion, and Enthusiasm) and strong ties to the community. The Home Health team treats their patients like friends and family because they often are. “Every one of my nurses was born and raised here. When this is your hometown, you already know these people,” Micaela explains. Caring for the people of the community is caring for the community as a whole, and the Home Health team sees their role of caring extending beyond just providing medical care.

Since the 90s, Home Health has been serving the community. The Prowers Medical Center team makes 100 visits a week – not counting physical therapy. Over the course of a week, they take care of around 85 patients. Typical services include providing rehab or physical therapy to discharged patients who have undergone orthopedic surgery, have had a stroke, or are suffering from conditions related to illness. They also provide acute care, teach patients about medication, manage medications, provide wound care, and teach about diabetes.

If you or a family member are considering Home Health, the team is willing and ready to provide the information. Micaela says, “If they are questioning if they need services, they can call us and ask for information and we’ll give any information they need.” Contact Prowers Medical Center Home Health at 719-336-6881 or 719-336-6882.


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