>>Pediatrician to Join Prowers Medical Center

Pediatrician to Join Prowers Medical Center

Prowers Medical Center is pleased to announce the hiring of a part-time pediatrician, Dr. Diane Foley, who joined the Prowers Medical Center Clinic this week. Having a pediatrician on staff has been a longtime goal for the hospital, and brings a new level of expertise to families in our community. Dr. Diane Foley enjoys partnering with parents to ensure good health for their kids.

You may recognize the last name as the same as the new OB/GYN doctor in town—Dr. Steve Foley. The couple met in college and married before starting medical school, both attending the Indiana University School of Medicine. They are a perfect match, both sharing a love for medicine and mission work—having dedicated much of their lives to helping bring healthcare to Haiti, Africa and parts of Asia. Dr. Diane’s passion for making a difference abroad runs especially deep, as she was raised as a missionary kid in Haiti.

“I found my love for medicine at a young age by spending my spare time at the mission hospital with my parents,” Dr. Diane said.

She chose pediatrics as a focus because she was “always drawn to the clinical rotations with children” throughout medical school and residency. She discovered that unlike many doctors in training, she really enjoyed children and their parents.

“I also was a young mom during my residency, which solidified the fact that I understood where parents were coming from with sleepless nights and worries about the health of their kids,” she added.

After finishing their residencies, the Foleys entered private practices in their respective fields in Indianapolis, Indiana where they stayed and raised their family—three girls and one boy—until 2004, when Dr. Steve accepted a position in Colorado Springs.

“Steve would deliver babies and I would take care of them as they grew, so we developed a camaraderie with several families. One of the best parts of being a pediatrician is watching your patients grow up and walking alongside parents as they raise their children,” Dr. Diane said.

In Colorado Springs, she focused on adolescent gynecology, as one of her area of specialties is adolescent medicine. She especially enjoys talking with her patients about important life choices and changes that come with growing up.

“By the time you’ve seen a child for 12 years, you have a relationship with them and are able to talk about things. I tell them when we talk it’s confidential, and I won’t tell their parents unless I believe it could affect their health, and then I would not tell without asking them first,” she added.

Dr. Diane is excited to develop a patient base in Lamar, and to fill the gap for specialty pediatric care in the community. She will work part-time, starting with Thursdays and Fridays, at the Prowers Medical Center Clinic, and spend the other part of her time coordinating medical ministry missions and raising funds for Global Partners, a branch of the Wesleyan Church.

“We have three hospitals, two in Africa and one in Haiti, and five clinics throughout Asia. We come in alongside local providers and partner with them. In some ways, my job is to work us all out of a job by empowering local doctors and increasing their capacity to care for their own people. We believe strongly in the need to give back overseas, but we also believe in giving to our own community, too. I’m excited to be a part of Lamar and to help make it a better place to live,” Dr. Diane said.

Dr. Diane’s friends describe her as calm, steady and loyal. She’s guided by a few, key principles and isn’t easily swayed, but she enjoys conversations with people who challenge her with different viewpoints. While not terribly outdoorsy like Steve, she looks forward to hiking and biking around Lamar. Her grandkids are her biggest hobby. Her philosophy as a doctor is to prevent health issues, and to partner with parents as they raise their children.

“Parents are really the expert. I am there to provide guidance and encouragement to them, and to help them raise their kids,” she concluded.

To set up an appointment with Dr. Diane Foley, call 719-336-6767.


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