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Visitor Information


Friends and family are encouraged to visit patients anytime they would like during the patients stay at Prowers Medical Center. We request that all visitors cooperate in promoting the comfort and well being of our patients by observing the following guidelines and etiquette:


  • Prowers Medical Center is a Tobacco-Free Facility.

  • “Quit Kits” are available if you ask for them.

  • Food should not be given to patients without permission.

  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the hospital.

  • Adult supervision is required for all children.

  • Overnight visitors are allowed in special circumstances.

  • In the event that visitation does not serve the best interest of the patient, determination of visiting privileges will be at the discretion of your doctor.


Prowers Medical Center has implemented a Tobacco-Free Campus policy which applies to all property owned, leased or managed by the hospital. Prowers Medical Center joins other Colorado hospitals that have implemented a tobacco-free policy. For additional information, please see our Tobacco Free Campus resource section.


  • If you or a family member are not feeling well, stay home.

  • Leave small children at home. They could bring in or be exposed to germs.

  • Time your visit for the patient’s convenience, not yours. If possible, call ahead.

  • Knock before entering a room, then quietly open the door. It gives the patient a few seconds if they need to cover themselves.

  • Be sensitive to a patient’s situation. They may request to have no visitors.

  • Be aware of a patient’s personal space.

  • Please be considerate of other patients by keeping your voice down. If the patient’s hearing is impaired by medication or pain you may increase your volume as appropriate.

  • Always include the patient in conversations. Don’t talk about a patient as if they are not in the room, even if they are sedated.

  • If you plan to take a food basket, check first to see if the patient is on a restricted diet to help resist their temptation to sample. Never snack from a patient’s meal tray.

  • Take precaution against wearing perfume and other scented items which could nauseate patients.

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