>>Orthopedic Services Enhanced with Opening of New Gym

Orthopedic Services Enhanced with Opening of New Gym

Orthopedic patients recovering from a joint replacement surgery or healing from a sports injury can now enjoy an improved space for physical therapy, along with weekly access to visiting orthopedic specialists. The hospital is dedicated to meeting the needs of patients who have bone, joint and muscle concerns.

Prowers Medical Center (PMC) has offered orthopedic services for several years through its Specialty Clinic. Between two visiting board-certified orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Richard Meinig and Dr. Mark Porter, a doctor is available every week. Dr. Meinig, who specializes in trauma and fracture care, general orthopedics and sports medicine, has been coming to Prowers for nearly 25 years and is well known in the community. Dr. Porter, who provides a wide range of orthopedic care including total joint replacement, fracture/trauma care and sports injuries, has been seeing patients for a few years at Prowers Medical Center and has a steady following.

“Our orthopedic surgeons are very busy diagnosing bone and joint issues, performing small surgeries in our new operating rooms or larger surgeries in their home communities, and overseeing follow up care and rehabilitation here at Prowers Medical Center,” says Dawn Watts, Clinic Practice Manager for the PMC Specialty Clinic.

Orthopedic Services Available at Prowers Medical Center

Both doctors perform arthroscopic surgery at Prowers Medical Center; a common surgery that allows surgeons to see inside a joint using a miniscule camera inserted through a small incision. Arthroscopy is used to both diagnose and treat.

Dr. Meinig also performs hand and wrist surgeries, including surgeries for carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger at PMC. With the operating room remodel, new surgical equipment was purchased specifically for orthopedics.

“We support the orthopedic surgeons to provide care right here at home from diagnosing problems, treating problems, and helping patients regain strength and movement after surgery or injury,” Watts says.

Besides surgeries, the orthopedic doctors treat general bone and joint problems including injuries, arthritis and joint pain. Physicians set broken bones, apply splints and basic casts, treat pain via medications and injections, and see patients for chronic conditions. They also oversee rehabilitation for their patients.

New Gym Enhances Physical and Occupational Therapy for Orthopedic Patients

If you haven’t heard, Prowers Medical Center just opened its new gym. Everyone is excited about the large, bright and soothing new space and how it will enhance physical and occupational therapy for patients.

“Rehabilitation services are greatly enhanced by our new space. Patients were so cramped in the past and had little privacy. Before, patients working on improving their gait had to walk the hallways. Now we have a dedicated “track” in the gym. Those waiting could see into the therapy gym, now the waiting room is separate. We also have private lockers for storing personal belongings,” says Lori Denman, Rehabilitation Manager for PMC.

Patients who receive rehabilitation in the gym can also take part in what’s called “phase III rehab” where they can continue exercising on their own, but with physical and occupational therapists nearby to answer questions and provide guidance. It’s just $30 a month.

“The biggest improvement is that we went from 900 square feet of mixed-use space to 2500 square feet of dedicated gym. Rehabilitation is all about movement and the new space—which is open, light, bright and healing—really provides that,” Denman concludes.

Call Out Box:
Orthopedic Surgeons at Prowers Specialty Clinic

Dr. Richard Meinig
Appointments first Wednesday and fourth Friday of each month

Dr. Mark Porter
Appointments second and fourth Wednesday of each month


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