>>Lose Weight, Gain Inspiration with Weigh and Win

Lose Weight, Gain Inspiration with Weigh and Win

Do you want to lose weight and get paid for doing it? Now you can through a state-wide program called Weigh and Win with local partners at Big Timbers Community Alliance and Prowers Medical Center. Joining is free, but the benefits of learning healthy eating and active living habits are invaluable and will last a lifetime!

Your success is tracked through quarterly photographed weigh-ins at kiosks located throughout the community. A mobile kiosk is available at Prowers Medical Center on Thursdays from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. At your first weigh in your body mass index (BMI) and baseline weight will be determined, and your ideal weight will be established. You are encouraged to weigh-in as often as you like, but you’re only required to weigh in every three months.

“Your participation in the program, results, and personal information is kept completely confidential,” said Karen Bryant, Chief Operating Officer for Prowers Medical Center.

Following your quarterly weigh-in, you can earn cash for weight improvement and prizes just for participating and being healthy. For example, if you experience a 15% improvement in your weight in one quarter, you can earn $45. If you experience a 30% improvement, you can earn $150. You can also get paid for weight management.  If you achieve a 5% weight improvement your first quarter, come back weigh in your second quarter and don’t lose any additional weight but you maintain that 5% weight improvement, you will still earn the $15 for maintaining.

Through Weigh and Win, you will receive daily emails or text messages that provide you with healthy eating and active living coaching. The messages will include a weekly shopping list, daily meal and exercise plan, and other great tips including motivational quotes, tips specific to your challenges, success stories. In addition, there is a 24/7 health guide, an online journal, and personal trainer available for you to contact directly by phone or email. The daily coaching tools keep you on track and motivated.

For inspiration, visit weighandwin.com and read success stories and view before and after photos that show people making major improvements, and see how much cash they received. The program has over 94,000 participants state-wide with an average of nearly 18 pounds lost.

“We have incorporated this program into our Worksite Wellness program at the hospital.  We had our first on-site presence in mid-November and we had 39 of our Team Members enroll in the program that first day. That’s success!” Bryant said.

To keep you motivated, Weigh and Win has regular challenges with their own set of prizes. Currently there’s a Healthy Holidays Challenge, and another team challenge starting February 1, 2018. The holidays are focused around eating and we often don’t think about setting aside healthy eating and exercise habits during this time. On average, Americans gain one to four pounds every holiday season. Over time, these pounds add up. Gaining 3 pounds in a year isn’t a big weight change, but in 10 years, that’s 30 pounds. The Holiday Challenge will help you maintain your weight this holiday season and start your new year in a positive place.

To learn more about the program and to enroll, visit weighandwin.com or sign up at a kiosk. Weigh and Win is free and open to the community, so invite your family and friends to join you in starting great new habits before New Year’s Resolutions even begin!



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