>>Local Providers Offer Exceptional Care to Women Through the Years

Local Providers Offer Exceptional Care to Women Through the Years

In honor of Doctor’s Day on March 30, Prowers Medical Center would like to celebrate our dedicated team of 10 fulltime providers who offer integral services to our community. Each week, you’ll meet two providers and learn about their role in caring for patients. This week the spotlight is on two members of our medical team, Dr. Steve Foley, OB/GYN and Sharon Hendricks, CNM/FNP-C, Certified Nurse-Midwife and Family Nurse Practitioner. Please join us for our Doctor’s Day celebration on March 30 from 2 – 4 pm at the Clinic.

It’s nice to know that women in our community have specialty care close to home from providers who are well trained to care for you, no matter what your age. With the arrival of Dr. Foley, OB-GYN in January, comes new procedures, including the latest in incontinence care and gynecological surgeries to name a few. Sharon Hendricks, Certified Nurse-Midwife, is here to deliver babies and assist with surgeries, and as a Family Nurse Practitioner she continues healthcare as your family grows. Together, the two offer the full gamut of women’s services.

“Our jobs as healthcare providers is to share knowledge and help our patients make decisions that are right for them. I very much believe patients should direct their own care. What’s best for me or others, may not be best for them. Every patient is different and I respect that,” said Hendricks.

Dr. Foley agrees. His philosophy as a doctor is to listen, care, and guide. “I listen without judgement. I welcome open discussions and encourage patients to come forward with their concerns so we can come up with a treatment course that’s best for them, together,” he said.

Full Range of Women’s Services

Your two women’s health providers offer everything from wellness visits including screens for cancer, to performing all available GYN surgeries, besides cancer. They provide treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome, all types of incontinence, abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain, hormone therapy, and more. They screen for breast cancer, cervical cancer, STDs, and other diseases and offer family planning services. Of course, a large part of what they do is prenatal care, and labor and delivery, including high risk pregnancies. The hospital offers all of the routine nationally accepted prenatal screenings.

Attentive Labor and Delivery Care

“Depending on the concern, high risk pregnancies and deliveries can be done here. If they need more specialized care with a maternal-fetal medicine specialist we work closely with the outside doctor to coordinate care. Bottom line, we focus on where the patient is best served,” said Hendricks, who was a labor and delivery nurse for years before becoming a Nurse-Midwife.

For moms finding it difficult to get pregnant, Dr. Foley helps evaluate the issue and present solutions. He also enjoys delivering babies and he appreciates the tight-knit group of dedicated nurses in the New Beginnings Birth Center. Because of its smaller size and the fact that they usually don’t deliver multiple babies in one day, the team can offer individualized care like walking the halls, showering or sitting in the tub while laboring, using labor balls and peanut balls, promoting skin-to-skin time the first hour after birth during what’s dubbed the “golden hour,” and breastfeeding and newborn care support.

Care as We Age

For women on the other end of the spectrum, they treat menopause symptoms with bioidentical hormone replacement, and other issues that come with aging including urinary and stool incontinence, pelvic prolapse, infusions for bone density loss, and more.

“The services we offer are of the same caliber as those offered by much larger facilities. We have top of the line equipment, including a CT Scan and MRI on site which is rare for a rural hospital, and a brand new, leading edge surgery area. We have everything we need to provide high quality care for women,” Foley concludes.

If you’d like to make an appointment with either Sharon Hendricks, CNM-FNP-C, or Dr. Steve Foley, OB/GYN, call the clinic at 719-336-3179.


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