>>Laboratory at Prowers Medical Center Gets Perfect Score

Laboratory at Prowers Medical Center Gets Perfect Score

In June, surveyors from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) made a visit to the laboratory at Prowers Medical Center—something that happens every two years. The surveyor was looking for key deficiencies in the way the lab conducts business. She spent the afternoon scrutinizing processes, paperwork and staff competency. In the end, she walked away with nothing, which is great news for the lab team who prides themselves in providing the highest quality care possible to patients.

“A zero-deficiency rating from the surveyor shows that our facility is constantly working to provide great care for our community. We have a dedicated team of individuals who work together in various ways to accomplish this,” said Tress Gadash, Lab Manager for Prowers Medical Center.

Specifically, the surveyor was interested in quality. She reviewed quality guidelines, looked at daily quality control measures, and made sure policies and procedures are updated annually. Upon leaving, she commented that the lab had everything in place with great documentation of quality testing and patient care.

“All of the labs we perform must pass strict standards set forth by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA),” Gadash stated.

The surveyor also reviewed staff records to make sure all education requirements were up-to-date, as well as competency documents and proficiency testing—which require employees to pass quarterly tests.

“We have a great team and we take pride in the quality and accuracy of the care we provide. It is satisfying to know that all of our hard work has paid off,” said Angela Martin, medical technologist.

The lab has 9 employees—one manager, two phlebotomists, and six lab technologists. Prowers Medical Center lab processes about 90% of all tests they perform, sending only a small percentage out to specialty labs.

“It’s really exciting that we received a zero-deficiency rating. We are continually updating and working hard to exceed standards that are set by CLIA. Our staff is dedicated to producing accurate results for our community,” said Keenan Thomas, medical technologist.

In the last year, the lab staff has attended numerous trainings and has obtained advanced degrees and certifications in Medical Laboratory Science. Each team member personally strives to be their best.

“This should show everyone that Prowers Medical Center Lab is doing everything it can to give the best patient care possible. We want the community to know they can obtain quality lab testing by competent staff when coming to our facility,” Gadash concluded.

To learn more about the Prowers Medical Center Lab, visit prowersmedical.com where you can find a list of tests provided, or call 719-336-6726.



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