>>How to Change Your Habits to Improve Overall Health

How to Change Your Habits to Improve Overall Health

It can be tempting to want to drastically change your health habits at the start of a New Year. Whether it’s shedding a few pounds, lowering your cholesterol or simply visiting with a physician more regularly, it’s easy to want either speedy or immediate results that are mindless. Unfortunately, that’s just not realistic, and it’s why most people will fall off the “health and wellness” train only a few months after January and resume to their previously normal habits.

 It takes time and consistency to build habits that last for the rest of your life. So, how do you successfully approach building new, proactive habits regarding your health care? How can you make sure you don’t let your health fall by the wayside in the New Year and beyond? One of the easiest ways is to seek help from a medical professional that can help you achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.

 Prowers Medical Center has a team of Providers in various service lines ready and willing to help you accomplish anything you set your mind to, or anything that is in the best interest of your health from now into the future. From offering nutrition and fitness advice to guidance on chronic medical conditions, they can assist you in developing wellness habits that make the most sense for your individual lifestyle.

 A few of them provided some simple tips on approaching changes you can make without having to rewrite your entire list of health-related habits.

 Schedule routine appointments with your primary health care Provider.

Having a regular health care Provider who knows you and your health history is valuable because they know what to watch for, meaning they can quickly spot any changes or remind you of important health screenings. This improves the likelihood that any developing symptoms won’t be missed, and it allows you to be proactive, rather than reactive, with your health.

 “Many people think they don’t need a doctor until they are sick, but if they had a primary care Provider guiding them, they might not get sick in the first place,” said Dawn Watts, Practice Manager at Prowers Medical Center Clinic.

 According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 84 percent of adults and 93 percent of children had contact with a health professional in 2018 — numbers from the most recent data available. Ideally, everyone should see a health care Provider at least once a year for their annual physical exam.

 Get to know and understand any health issues you may have.

Most individuals don’t realize the extent of the health issues they have or could be at risk for. According to data from the Blue Cross Blue Shield System Health Index, common health conditions in the U.S. include high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, major depression, coronary artery disease and many others. Education about your health and risk factors is extremely important, especially when medicines or prescriptions are involved.

 It’s important to not only know what medicines you take, but also why you take them. When you know their purpose, you’re more likely to take them consistently — and you’ll get better results. Since patients know their bodies best, it’s beneficial for them to understand their health conditions, treatments and medications, so that they have better outcomes.

 Get preventative health screenings, when recommended.

As you reach the milestones of ages 30, 40, 50 and above, your Provider will recommend necessary health screenings. If you have a family history of specific conditions or diseases, your Provider might recommend these screenings earlier in life. Get them. Catching any chronic diseases or cancer early on means you can avoid serious problems and unpleasant treatments.

 The best defense for most cancers is getting early screenings. Most of the time, catching cancer early means a higher chance of survival.

 The team at Prowers Medical Center is dedicated to helping our patients meet and exceed their physical health and wellness goals. Whether you need to schedule your annual physical exam, or you need services from a more specialized Provider, our team is here to provide you with complete, compassionate care. Contact us today for more information at 719-336-6767.


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