>>Hospital Foundation Elevates Healthcare at PMC

Hospital Foundation Elevates Healthcare at PMC

The PMC Foundation works behind the scenes to enhance the quality of care you and your family receive at the hospital. If you come for surgery, you have the Foundation to thank for your surgeon having a crisp, clear view on a new, large monitor. If a friend or family member needs physical rehabilitation, it’s the Foundation that is helping support them as they gain strength with a technically advanced support lift. These are just a few ways the Foundation has enhanced patient care.

The stated purpose of the Foundation is to “support Prowers Medical Center in promoting and advancing the wellbeing of our community by providing quality health care and health related services.” The Foundation has a special interest in providing financial support for community wellness activities and disease and injury prevention programs.

“The Foundation is a key player in community collaboration, bringing groups together to support the economic and physical health of Lamar’s citizens,” said Craig Loveless, PMC CEO and ex officio member of the Foundation.

“As a nonprofit 501(c)(3), we have opened avenues for our local citizens to grow our hospital and create more resources. PMC is a community hospital, built by the community, for the community. The hospital is truly dedicated to the health of our residents and also supports many as a major employer in town. It’s gratifying when people give back,” said George Gotto, Foundation Board Vice Chair.

A big testament to the good work the Foundation does comes from PMC employees themselves, many who give straight from their paychecks each month.

“I am so impressed by the generosity of the hospital staff. They are really committed at a high level by volunteering their time, attending our events and giving money. They deserve a big pat on the back,” said Lawrence Brase, Foundation Board Chair.

Foundation board members hope to eventually create an endowment that would allow them to do even more. The Foundation holds one major fundraising event a year, called Jeans and Greens—a dinner and dance with both a live and silent auction. It welcomes community members interested in its mission to get in touch.

Safeway Gift Cards, An Easy Way to Help

Did you know that you could donate money to the Foundation without handing over one penny? It’s true. Safeway Corporation has agreed to give 5% of the money you spend in their store or at the pump to The PMC Foundation when you use a reloadable Safeway Gift Card designated for the Foundation. Here’s how it works:

1. Pick up a Safeway Gift Card at PMC Foundation—one you’ll use over and over again;

2) Go grocery shopping;

3) Before checking out ask the clerk to load your gift card with enough money to cover your purchases. (Hint: Sometimes it is easiest to load your card with a set amount at the beginning of each month—whatever you imagine you’ll spend that month on groceries, prescriptions and gas, say $200 or $500.)

4) Check out and pay with your gift card. That’s it! Safeway tallies the total purchases made on Foundation gift cards each month and sends a check to the Foundation for every $5,000 loaded.

“We started the program about a year ago and it has generated $1291.25 income since then but proceeds are rapidly rising as more individuals in our community have begun to use the program. It’s a win-win for community members that want to support us but don’t have extra money to share,” said Amber Rider, Foundation Board Member.

Want to Serve Your Community? Please join us!

The PMC Foundation is accepting new board members and encourages you to join if you have an interest in advancing healthcare in Lamar by generating support for your community hospital. A willingness to assist in fundraising activities and a comfort level with finances are helpful. If interested, contact Amber at 336-7065.

Foundation Board Members

Lawrence Brase, Chair

George Gotto, Vice Chair

Karl Nieschburg, Secretary/Treasurer

Brenna Barrow, Member

Amber Rider, Member

Ex Officio Members: Craig Loveless, Hospital CEO Matt Snyder, Hospital Board of Directors

Prowers Medical Center Foundation
401 Kendall Drive
Lamar CO 81052
Phone: (719) 336-7065
Email: foundation@prowersmedical.com


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