>>Hospital Auxiliary Buys New Equipment for Rehab Gym

Hospital Auxiliary Buys New Equipment for Rehab Gym

Thanks to the Prowers Medical Center Auxiliary, patients receiving physical therapy at the hospital’s rehabilitation department can now access two new pieces of equipment. The equipment helps people regain strength after injury, increase range of motion, and improve balance after injury or with aging.

The hospital auxiliary gave the rehabilitation department $6,000 to purchase the equipment. The first piece of equipment, the TotalGym, allows for dozens of different exercises to be completed. It’s used for total body strength training, conditioning and balance, due to its versatility. The TotalGym replaces an old manual unit which required therapists to physically lift the glide to the desired position to fit the needs of individual patients.

“The new unit adjusts with a push of a button, decreasing the risk for injury to the patient and the therapist. It’s also easier for patients to get on and off,” said Lori Denman, PTA, Rehabilitation Manager with Prowers Medical Center.

The second piece of equipment is a new and improved stair unit. It provides more repetition and allows patients to ascend and descend the stairs with better quality than they could with the piece of equipment that it replaces.

“Our bodies learn from repetition, which creates motor memory, so repeating the motion of stair walking is important for gait training and strengthening,” Denman said.

When you think about it, there’s a lot that goes into walking up and down stairs. It’s not just about leg strength, it also involves vision to measure the rise in the steps, the ability to balance on one leg as you raise the other, and more. The stair unit will help people recover from stroke and orthopedic injuries, improve low back pain, retrain posture, and increase overall functional mobility.

“Both pieces of equipment enhance our already fantastic rehab gym. We’re lucky to have this new facility, it’s better than what most hospitals offer.  Our patients say they enjoy being able to move around freely in an open atmosphere with lots of natural light,” Denman said.

The Auxiliary donated the stair unit in the names of their dear friends and fellow Auxiliary members Vi Miller and Bessy McCorkle. The TotalGym is dedicated in Bessy’s name and bears a plaque in commemoration.

“Auxiliary members work very hard to help provide equipment and services to the community and surrounding area. We are so grateful for their generosity,” Denman said.

To learn more about rehabilitation services at Prowers Medical Center, call (719) 336-6728 or visit our new website at prowersmedical.com.



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