>>Honoring the Doctors in Our Community for Doctors’ Day

Honoring the Doctors in Our Community for Doctors’ Day

In honor of Doctor’s Day on March 30, Prowers Medical Center is celebrating our dedicated team of providers who offer integral services to our community. Please join us for our Doctor’s Day celebration on March 30 from 2 – 4 pm at the Clinic.

 Prowers Medical Center prides itself in hiring top-notch providers who are dedicated to caring for our community. The team is hand-selected to work well together and collaborate on solutions for your healthcare needs. Prowers Medical Center offers care in three main areas—primary care at the Clinic, emergency care in the Emergency Department, and inpatient care, including General Surgery.

Primary Care Providers Dedicated to Excellence

The Clinic team is made up of eleven dedicated providers. Primary care providers include Dr. Hilton Ray, Dr. Margaret Loewen, Fidella Brown, FNP-C, Kimberly Collymore, RN, MSN, FNP-C, Meagan Hillman, PA-C, Eldonna Mosier, ANP, and L. Renee Weakley, FNP-C. The Women’s Health team includes Dr. Steve Foley, Dr. Christian Korkis, and Sharon Hendricks, CNM-FNP-C. In addition, Dr. Diane Foley provides pediatric care.

“As a team, we really enjoy getting to know our patients, which helps us take a holistic approach to their health, rather than taking care of one problem at a time. That way, we can take the best approach for each individual,” said Dr. Hilton Ray.

As a designated Rural Health Clinic, Prowers Medical Center must complete regular lengthy and detailed surveys to make sure they are compliant with strict state regulations. Surveyors complete a top-to-bottom walk through of the facility, looking at everything from safety, medication labels, supplies, patient files, personnel files and more. The Clinic passed its last survey with flying colors and a zero-deficiency rating.

“We aim to go way above and reach for excellence in all that we do because our community deserves that,” said Craig Loveless, Prowers Medical Center CEO.

Emergency Care Meets and Exceeds National Standards

In the Prowers Medical Center’s emergency department, every individual plays a vital role—from the unit clerk, to the nurses and the emergency physician. The team is hand-picked to fit well with the unique demands of a rural hospital. They are well educated, often beyond what other like-sized hospitals can offer. The emergency department compares their quality metrics with national data and frequently finds its performance is better than national averages.

“Every person on the team is a critical link to providing seamless care,” said Dr. Margaret Loewen, medical director for the emergency department.

Top Surgical Services Right Here in Town

Did you know that your local hospital offers the best of the best when it comes to general surgeons? Both Dr. James Smith and Dr. Jessica Swanson have completed an extensive process to earn the title Fellow of the American College of Surgeons or FACS. Not all surgeons choose to accept this challenge beyond medical school and training.

“Every surgeon wants to know they are providing excellent care to their patients, and the fellowship tells patients that our peers recognize that ability in us,” said Dr. Swanson.

“We also update our skills on a regular basis. As a part of the surgical team for the US Army, I regularly receive training and attend seminars where I learn new, leading edge techniques and converse with top surgeons around the nation,” said Dr. Smith.

The two are pleased to work in current, state-of-the-art operating suites. New laparoscopic equipment gives them a more accurate, advanced tool for performing surgeries, and new visualization tools including scopes, cameras and larger monitors, enhance viewing.

“Our patients are our customers and whenever we can we give them a shout out for entrusting their healthcare with us. In return, we commit to providing them with the best care possible. It’s the power of our community to come together and make sure everyone is well cared for,” Loveless concluded.



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