>>Full Time OBGYN Now Available at Prowers Medical Center

Full Time OBGYN Now Available at Prowers Medical Center

Prowers Medical Center is pleased to announce the hiring of a full time OBGYN who brings a wide range of services to area women. Dr. Steven Foley is fully committed to serving the Lamar community; he’s excited to bring services to women that were previously unavailable, including treatment for prolapse, urinary incontinence and polycystic ovary syndrome among other needs. He is relocating to Lamar from Colorado Springs.

Dr. Foley exemplifies what you wish to find in a doctor, someone who truly cares about your health and really listens to your needs. He is passionate about women’s health—so much so that he goes on missions every year through his church to third world countries to help women who have little access to specialized medical care.

“Since finishing residency I have gone every year. I’ve been to Argentina, Croatia, Russia, Dominican Republic, Chili, Ecuador, Haiti several times and many other places. It’s incredibly meaningful to help women heal from conditions that can be easily treated who may otherwise live in pain or even lose their lives,” says Dr. Foley.

He appreciates that Prowers Medical Center’s administration understands his passion to go on missions and is willing to accommodate his schedule for annual or bi-annual trips. In 2017 he will visit Haiti and Zambia, Africa.

His friends and family describe him as a boisterous man who is passionate about the things he cares about—and who is always cracking corny jokes.
“My wife Diane grew up in Haiti so she translates for me on missions, but she never translates my jokes. She tells me, ‘That’s not funny in America, and it’s not funny here,” he quips.

Diane is a pediatrician who works with Wesleyan Missions. Dr. Foley has three grown and married daughters, and one son recently engaged. The couple has 7 grandchildren who are mostly in Indiana. They enjoy large family gatherings to cheer on favorite teams including the Indiana Hoosiers and the Indianapolis Colts. He also enjoys bike riding and hunting.

“Diane and I met in college. Because her parents worked at the college, she received free tuition as long as she wasn’t married. So the day after she graduated we got married and we just celebrated 37 years together,” he said.

Dr. Foley spent the first 16 years of his practice in Indiana, where he attended medical school at Indiana University and completed his residency at Indiana University Hospital. He’s been practicing in Colorado Springs since 2004 and is board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics-Gynecology.
“I am really excited about the new Obesity Clinic that’s starting at Prowers Medical Center. I also look forward to working with a tight knit group of nurses in the birthing center,” Dr. Foley added.

He is particularly passionate about his work with patients experiencing polycystic ovary syndrome—a condition he thinks is too often overlooked or mistreated. It’s a common endocrine system disorder where women may have enlarged ovaries, irregular menstrual periods, acne, extra facial hair, infertility and obesity.
“It’s a condition of insulin resistance where the body doesn’t work normally. The extra insulin makes the body think it’s starving so women or teenage girls tend to overeat and gain weight or become obese. It can be treated with a change in diet and diabetic medicine,” Dr. Foley said.

He’s also looking forward to helping women overcome urinary incontinence issues that can feel embarrassing and cause women to not want to leave the house or require the use of adult diapers.

“Urinary incontinence is very treatable with several options to choose from including medication, pelvic floor physical therapy or minimally invasive surgery. I encourage women to talk with me about it as I listen without judgment—and typically I am able to really help,” he said.

Dr. Foley chose to study gynecology because he enjoys helping women regain health. He also appreciates the variety it provides with opportunities to perform surgery, meet with patients in the Clinic and deliver babies. Dr. Foley is seeing patients at Prowers Medical Center Clinic. Call (719) 336-6767 for an appointment.


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