>>Foundation Gala Helps Support “Priceless Pictures” Campaign

Foundation Gala Helps Support “Priceless Pictures” Campaign

Although the Friends of the Foundation Gala has come and gone, the mission of the Prowers Medical Center Foundation remains the same: to find ways to best benefit the hospital’s patients. Through several local initiatives, the Prowers Medical Center Foundation aims to enhance patient care at the hospital while improving access to quality healthcare.

One of the main events of the year for the foundation, the Friends of the Foundation Gala, took place May 10th at the Cow Palace Inn Courtyard, and many individuals, businesses, corporate entities and other sponsors attended the fundraising event.

This is the second year the gala was held, and not only did it wrap up National Hospital Week and Prowers’ annual Health Fair, but it also officially kicked off the Prowers Medical Center Foundation’s “MRI: Priceless Pictures” campaign, according to Board Chair Carrie Smith.

About the Priceless Pictures Campaign

Since Prowers Medical Center is in the process of building a new imaging center for better space and upgraded equipment, the Foundation is helping raise $1.6 million for a new, cutting-edge MRI scanner for the hospital. The campaign will span from 2019 to 2021, meaning the Foundation has two years to reach its goal.

The scanner will serve as a better diagnostic tool to give results and answer any patient questions, according to Smith.

“The gala was just the beginning of this campaign,” Smith said. “Our goal is to raise awareness about what is happening at the hospital and the positive impact this MRI machine will have on our community.”

Patients at Prowers Medical Center will experience many benefits of the MRI scanner upgrade, including:

  • The latest in medical technology with ultra-sensitive instruments.
  • Specialized viewing upgrades for brain trauma, breast abnormalities and more for an improved diagnosis.
  • Expanded access in a comfortable setting.
  • Sharper images and shorter exam time.

With help from a $50,000 check from the Esgar Foundation in addition to several other sponsorships and donations at the Friends of the Foundation Gala, this event marked the beginning of fundraising for several improvements that will be made at Prowers Medical Center. According to Board Member Amber Rider, the Foundation raised about $79,000 the night of the Gala — and now has raised about 10.6 percent of the Foundation’s overall goal for the MRI scanner.

Craig Loveless, CEO of Prowers Medical Center, said the implementation of the new MRI scanner will be a game-changer for the hospital. Patients will no longer have to travel hundreds of miles to receive this type of care, and they’ll have access to better and earlier diagnoses.

“Each donation to the gala or the Priceless Pictures campaign goes towards improving the lives of the people throughout the Valley,” he said. “Having an upgraded MRI in our community will provide us with the best technology diagnostic imaging has to offer.”

Although the gala has already passed, community members are more than welcome to continue learning about this important Prowers Medical Center Foundation campaign and to contribute, if they so desire.

“We are very grateful for the support of our sponsors and community for making the gala a success and filling in the gap for our Priceless Pictures Campaign,” Rider said. “I would like to welcome our community to continue to make donations to that campaign to help us reach our goals.”

Honoring the Late Fredrick Esgar

This year, the Friends of the Foundation Gala was held in honor of Fredrick Esgar — a man whose reputation encompassed the overall mission of the Prowers Medical Center Foundation. Esgar always had the community’s best interests at heart, according to Foundation Vice Chair George Gotto.

He was a fierce supporter of the Prowers Medical Center Foundation as well as a founding member of the Prowers County Hospital District Board. On top of that, he was involved with several other community outreach initiatives, ranging from providing scholarships to those attending college to spearheading the local Legacy Bank.

“He was always a generous giver,” Gotto said. “He was a very modest person that didn’t encourage a lot of attention, but he was always a strong dynamic supporter of our community, tackling necessary behind-the-scenes projects.”

To learn more about the Prowers Medical Foundation and how you can donate or contribute to the Priceless Pictures campaign, go to https://bit.ly/2HgWaiK. You can also contact Foundation Board Member Amber Rider with questions by calling 719-336-7065 or by emailing foundation@prowersmedical.com.


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