>>Clinic Welcomes New Providers

Clinic Welcomes New Providers

The Prowers Medical Center Clinic recently added three providers to the Clinic so patients can be seen more quickly and have more provider options. Last week, we introduced you to Meagan Hillman, a new Physician Assistant. This week, meet Kimberly Collymore and Gary Peterson, new Family Nurse Practitioners on the Clinic team.

Get to Know Kimberly Collymore, FNP

Some of you already know Kimberly Collymore as she’s no stranger to the area. She lived in Las Animas for 25 years and saw patients there as a family nurse practitioner. More recently, she practiced in Colorado Springs, but she’s thrilled to be back in the area. She started full time at the Prowers Medical Center Clinic on September 25th.

“I love being back in a small town and I really enjoy working here at the Clinic. The organizational structure is wonderful and the staff is so supportive. The nurses at the Clinic will do anything for us,” Collymore said.

Kimberly has been practicing as a family nurse practitioner for 18 years. She came to La Junta to receive her associate’s degree at Otero Junior College. She then received her Bachelor’s degree at the University of New Mexico and her Master’s in nursing at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.

“I really liked the area and the people, so I moved to Las Animas after college. I raised my son in Las Animas,” she said.

Her son, Shadowhawk Tiger, now lives in Fleming and works for the Logan County Sherriff’s Department and is also in the military reserve. He has three kids—grandchildren whom Kimberly adores. She and her husband David Carroll share three step children and eight step-grandchildren, as well as a love for fishing and boating.

In her spare time, Kimberly enjoys doing beadwork and going to powwows. As a family nurse practitioner, Kimberly’s philosophy is to ‘treat people the way she would like to be treated.’

“That way I can provide the best healthcare for my patients. I am extremely dedicated to finding out why something is happening, but I also like to laugh a lot and share that laughter with those around me,” she concluded.

Get to Know Gary Peterson, FNP-C

As with Meagan Hillman and Kimberly Collymore, Gary Peterson, FNP-C, is also a familiar name to patients at Prowers Medical Center. That’s because Gary has already been working at the Prowers Medical Center Clinic part time on the weekends, and at a rural health clinic in Akron. He’s happy to now be at the Clinic full time.

“Because it’s bigger, there’s a much different feel than at the clinic in Akron. There, I was the only provider except for a physician who came three days out of the month. Here, there’s a lot of provider support,” Peterson said.

Gary has lived in Akron since the early ’90s when he came to serve as a director of nursing at a hospital-based nursing home after earning his family nurse practitioner certification at the University of North Dakota. Prior to that, he earned his undergraduate degree in nursing from the University of Nebraska. His interest in medicine goes back to his military days when he was a navy corpsman and served as an OR technician.

“What I bring to the table is someone that will listen to patients and communicate with patients on their own level. It’s nice to already have patients here. One reason I took the job is because I have had patients request that I be their provider and ask why I wasn’t here all of the time. I’m glad to now be available fulltime,” Peterson said.

Gary and his wife, Jocile, have four grown children, grandchildren and even two great grandchildren. His children live close, with three right in Akron and one in North Platte. The couple likes to hike together, and Gary does woodworking and remodeling in his spare time.

“In recent years, Prowers Medical Center has improved to better meet the needs of the people with early morning care, after hours care and care on Saturdays, which I think is really important,” Peterson concluded.

For an appointment at Prowers Medical Center Clinic, call (719) 336-6767. Clinic hours are Monday – Thursday, 7 am to 7 pm, Fridays 7 am to 5 pm and Saturdays, 8 am to Noon. Walk in appointments are available early and late in the day, and on Saturdays.



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