>>Celebration of Nurses and Hospital Staff in Upcoming Weeks

Celebration of Nurses and Hospital Staff in Upcoming Weeks

In honor of National Nurses Week and National Hospital Week, the next two weeks at Prowers Medical Center will focus on celebrating two important groups of people: the hospital’s hardworking staff and the community members of Lamar.

“These weeks aren’t only a celebration of our hospital staff and healthcare, but they’re a celebration of our community,” said Craig Loveless, CEO of Prowers Medical Center. “Prowers is your place for complete and compassionate care, and these two weeks really exemplify that mantra.”

This year, Prowers Medical Center will celebrate National Nurses Week from May 6 – 12 and National Hospital Week from May 12 – 18, in conjunction with the hospital’s annual Health Fair that ends today.

National Hospital Week Helps Show Brighter Side of Healthcare

National Hospital Week is a tradition that began in 1921 as a way to celebrate communities across the U.S. while also alleviating any public fears about hospitals. In fact, Loveless said this week is a way to allow community members to visit the hospital in a positive light, rather than only showing up when they’re sick or hurt.

“Since we are the primary source of healthcare in our community, National Hospital Week is one way we invite people in to see our hospital for themselves,” he said.

It’s important for Prowers to recognize and reflect on the important roles their providers and staff members have on the Lamar community during this week, Loveless said. Each one helps provide patients with a sense of trust and reliability — something that’s essential to the success of the hospital and the development of an overall vibrant and strong community.

This includes the diligent nurses of Prowers, who always go out of their way to exceed patient expectations.

Prowers Nurses: ‘The Backbone of Our Hospital and Clinics’

National Nurses Week is celebrated annually in honor of Florence Nightingale, the founder of nursing as a modern profession, and the millions who followed in her footsteps. According to Prowers CCO, Tina Sandoval, National Nurses Week serves as an opportunity to recognize local nursing staff, who are the backbone of the hospital and local clinics.

“Many of our nurses here at Prowers Medical Center have grown up and live in our community,” Sandoval said. “They are taking care of their own loved ones, their own neighbors and their own friends. This is what makes our hospital a special place to work.”

Sandoval said nursing can be described as both an art and a science. Nurses desire to assist every patient in their healing journey by utilizing their vast knowledge and intuition while also remaining kind, caring and compassionate.

“Nurses have and will always be fundamental to the patient in need,” Sandoval explained.
“Nurses are important because while the doctor diagnoses and treats the medical part of the patient, it is the nurse who helps the patient in an intimate, personal and wholistic manner.”

The nurses at Prowers Medical Center are trusted to care for those who need them most 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “Whether they’re demonstrating to a patient how to take a medication or are assisting in trauma and advanced life support, the nurses at Prowers deserve recognition year-round,” Loveless said.

Don’t Miss Out on This Year’s Health Fair!

One way to show your gratitude for your community hospital and its nursing staff is to take charge of your health and visit them at this year’s health fair.

The annual health fair began on Tuesday and is wrapping up today. According to Loveless, Prowers has hosted this event for just shy of 40 years, and it draws about 1,000 to 1,200 participants each year. From 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. today, community members can take advantage of low-cost blood tests and health screenings as well as have access to other healthcare resources.

For more information on the health fair or on how Prowers plans to celebrate National Hospital Week and National Nurses Week this year, contact Chief Operating Officer Karen Bryant at 719-336-5147 or email karen.bryant@prowersmedical.com.


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