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29 11, 2018

Family Nurse Practitioner Returns Home to Care for Her Community


If the new Family Nurse Practitioner at Prowers Medical Center Clinic looks familiar to you, it might be because she and her family have lived in this area for a long time. “I’m a graduate of McClave High School,” said Shelby Casper, who joined the practice in October. “I grew up in the country near [...]

Family Nurse Practitioner Returns Home to Care for Her Community2018-11-23T13:47:27-06:00
19 11, 2018

Food Safety and the Holidays


By John A. Ruibal, Prowers Medical Center Dietitian The holidays are a time for family and friends to reconnect and reflect on the past year and look forward to the bright future of the coming year. It is also a time for celebrating, and during this time food takes the spotlight. It is important when [...]

Food Safety and the Holidays2018-11-19T11:49:02-06:00
15 11, 2018

Staying Calm this Holiday Season


Holidays are often filled with joy and fun, but also stress. For many people, holidays create a long list of obligations and interrupt comfortable routines. For some, holidays bring up hard memories or accentuate feelings of loneliness. The National Center for Biotechnology Information found that cardiac related emergency visits increase between December 25 and January [...]

Staying Calm this Holiday Season2018-11-08T15:29:39-06:00
9 11, 2018

Diabetes is a Progressive Disease. Start Managing it Today!


By John Ruibal, MS, RDN, CSSD, Prowers Medical Center Food Services Manager When you get the news that you have diabetes it can be very stressful. What can I eat? Do I have to give up all the foods I enjoy? Do I have to stay on my diet? What kind of exercise must I [...]

Diabetes is a Progressive Disease. Start Managing it Today!2018-11-02T15:21:25-06:00
1 11, 2018

Get the Shot, Not the Flu!


Every fall brings a new flu bug to challenge our immune systems. The flu virus adapts each year and can be hard to predict. The flu vaccination is developed with the latest strains in mind, and often offers good protection. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), this year’s shot protects against influenza A [...]

Get the Shot, Not the Flu!2018-10-26T16:15:20-06:00