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30 11, 2017

Lose Weight, Gain Inspiration with Weigh and Win


Do you want to lose weight and get paid for doing it? Now you can through a state-wide program called Weigh and Win with local partners at Big Timbers Community Alliance and Prowers Medical Center. Joining is free, but the benefits of learning healthy eating and active living habits are invaluable and will last a [...]

Lose Weight, Gain Inspiration with Weigh and Win2017-12-05T16:56:01-06:00
22 11, 2017

Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays


By John A. Ruibal, Prowers Medical Center Dietitian The holidays can be a challenging time to maintain your healthy eating habits or a tough time to start changing if you are ready. The average American will put on 2 to 4 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years’ Day.  While 2 to 4 pounds may not [...]

Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays2017-11-22T14:39:45-06:00
16 11, 2017

Food Safety and the Holidays


By John A. Ruibal, Prowers Medical Center Dietitian The holidays are a time for family and friends to reconnect and reflect on the past year and look forward to the bright future of the coming year. It is also a time for celebrating, and during this time food takes the spotlight. It is important when [...]

Food Safety and the Holidays2017-11-17T18:59:51-06:00
9 11, 2017

Clinic Welcomes New Providers


The Prowers Medical Center Clinic recently added three providers to the Clinic so patients can be seen more quickly and have more provider options. Last week, we introduced you to Meagan Hillman, a new Physician Assistant. This week, meet Kimberly Collymore and Gary Peterson, new Family Nurse Practitioners on the Clinic team. Get to Know [...]

Clinic Welcomes New Providers2017-11-10T17:03:09-06:00
2 11, 2017

More Providers, More Availability


The Prowers Medical Center Clinic just keeps getting better and better, thanks to enormous efforts by the hospital to improve efficiencies and quality. A year ago, the Clinic was extensively surveyed by the State of Colorado and received a rare, zero-deficiency rating. It didn’t stop there. The hospital keeps making improvements. Most recently, they’ve added [...]

More Providers, More Availability2017-11-10T16:57:45-06:00